How do we work

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A well thought-out production model, selected materials, and high stock levels guarantee us very high efficiency and the right quality of products.

Many years of experience have allowed us to choose the best methods and materials for the production of fiber optic splice protectors. We select all production materials very carefully, taking into account chemical, physical, functional and economic properties. We maintain high stock levels of finished products and production components, guaranteeing delivery reliability and speed of execution of even unusual orders. Fully qualified employees of the production and administration departments are fully ready to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. We have our own measurement and test laboratory LPT, where we check our final products for compliance with the requirements set out in industry standards: ZN-96 TPSA-006 of Polish Telecommunications, EN 50411-3-3 European Standard, GR_1380 American Standard. We conduct independent research at the University of Szczecin in the Laboratory of Telecommunications Equipment and Devices.