Vibration tests

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          The vibration system of the German company RMS allows us to subject our products to shock, vibration (sinusoidal, random) and impact tests. The above tests simulate the conditions of transport, installation and operation of fiber optic splice protectors. The vibrating inductor of vertical mechanical vibrations (shakers) enables product testing with a force of 5886N, with a vibration frequency from 0 to 3000Hz, with a vibration amplitude of +/- 12.7mm, a change rate of 1.2m/s and an acceleration of 100G.

Using the RMS vibration system, we test the fiber optic splice protectors for compliance with the following requirements:

EN 50411-3-3 European standard

  • Criterion 8.3.3: EN 61300-1-1; Vibration: 10-50Hz, amplitude 0,75mm, 15 cycles, 1550nm δIL ≤ ±0,2dB durin -, δIL ≤ ±0,1dB after – per circuit of 5 protected fusion splices

TS 0338/96 Deutsche Telekom standard

  • Criterion 5.9.6: EN 60068-2-6 , Vibration: 10-500Hz, 10 cycles, 1550nm IL ≤ 0,1 for 12 crimp protectors,
  • Criterion 5.9.7: EN 60068-2-27, Shock: 11ms, half sine 15G, 1550nm IL ≤ 0,1 for 12 crimp protectors,