Corrosion tests

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We use laboratory corrosion tests to select materials, as well as to control the processes taking place in the structure of materials used for the production of fiber optic splice protectors exposed to various weather conditions. For this type of tests, we use the CC450t cyclic corrosion chamber from ASCOTT Analytical Equipment. It is one of the most sophisticated and versatile corrosion test systems available in the world, combining salt spray with other environmental conditions such as controlled humidity, drying and wetting. Device properties: tank capacity 450 liters, temperature range in humidifying mode up to 55°C, humidity range in humidifying mode 95-100% RH, temperature range in salt mist mode up to 50°C, salt mist fall rate adjustable from 0.5 to 3.00 ml per 80 cm2/h, temperature range in air drying mode up to 60°C, humidity range in drying mode depends on the chamber temperature and ambient air humidity.

In the chamber, we test production materials and fiber optic splice protectors in accordance with the following requirements:

EN 50411-3-3 European standard

  • Criterion 8.3.12: EN 61300-2-26; Salt mist: concentration NaCl 5%, +35°C 96h 6.5÷7.2PH, 1 cycle, 1310&1550&1625nm δIL ≤ ±0,1dB after – per circuit of 5 protected fusion splices, additionally, there are no noticeable significant differences in the appearance of the tested product, such as traces of rust, discoloration, deformation.